Existentialism versus other philosophies (medium)

Philosophy of Education Perspectives: Existentialism versus other philosophies

An introduction to the Educational Philosophy Perspectives Series: I currently convene and lecture a course in the Philosophy of Education for undergraduate students. Each week we cover a new philosophical perspective or paradigm. The following series will encompass short pieces written when wearing different “paradigm hats,” the purpose of which is to illustrate differing viewpoints within the Philosophy of Read More

Happy - consider how giving builds a life of meaning (medium)

Happy? Consider how giving builds a life of meaning

Republished from The Conversation, 8 July 2015. This article is part of a series, On Happiness, examining what it means and how it might be achieved in the 21st century. In The Conversation’s series On Happiness, it has been pointed out that the pursuit of happiness for its own sake might be a futile and even counterproductive enterprise. It has also been pointed out Read More